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Over Hostdeko

Hostdeko is focused on delivering the type of hosting we would use ourselves. In fact we are using our own hosting!  All our media websites such as GameplayInside and WordPressInside run on our own platforms! How do we do that? We focus on speed instead of costs! This includes:

  • High performance servers (SSD technology, plenty of RAM memory)
  • Fewer users per server
  • More resources per user

Obviously reliability is equally important. For our advertisement revenue driven website downtime means lost income. We get it!

History of Hostdeko

Where 99% of our competitors focus on cost we differentiate ourselves by focusing on speed. Obviously reliability is not forgotten.

S. de Kooter

Msc Business Administration (Erasmus University, The Netherlands), Founder of Hostdeko

Our company was founded in our search for a reliable hosting partner. It all started with a website called GameplayInside. When that website became popular it started to hit resource limits slowing down the website. After moving to several different providers one thing became clear; they all focus on low cost and do not care enough about performance. This was not acceptable, after all page loads speeds are essential for an advertisement revenue driven website! Therefore we decided to take care of our own hosting needs. A company was registered and soon all websites were serving our visitors in under 25ms. These new speeds boosted traffic by 500% in one month!

After serving millions of pages in the first 5 months without interruption of service a performance test showed that there was enormous excess capacity.  The decision was made to try and provide the same service to others that are in need for a fast reliable hosting provider. Under the Sedeko brand a few experimental customers were attracted late 2014.

In March 2015 we launched the Hostdeko brand to offer our awesome hosting services to everyone.

We are focused on delivering the type of hosting we would want to use ourselves. We prefer speed over cost, what about you?

Important information

  • Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands): 60869615
  • VAT number: NL174227966B01
  • IBAN: NL88 INGB 0006 5263 42
  • Phone for suppliers: +31 6 22271723
  • Customers please contact sales directly.
  • HQ: Woutertje Pietersestraat 8, 4906JJ Oosterhout
  • Hostdeko is een registered brand of Sedeko (Chamber of Commerce 60869615)


Payment methods

We support the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card (through Paypal)
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfer to our local ING Bank (international transfers can take several working days!)
  • iDeal (Dutch e-wallet)
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash (Belgium e-wallet)

Hostdeko timeline

Juni 2014

With the increased success of a company was founded and hosting was partially in-sourced by acquiring professional reseller hosting.

Augustus 2014

Our reseller provider was not able to deliver the performance that was required. Other parties offered similar issues. Because page loads were extremely important our hosting was completely in-sourced by moving to our own servers.

January 2015

The servers are performing so well that a single one can handle 48 million page views per day. We start selling the excess hosting capacity under the Sedeko brand.

Mei 2015

The HostDeko brand has launched to provide ultrafast hosting for a reasonable price (whereas most competitors provide slow hosting for a very low price).

September 2015

The Dutch website is launched and includes a brand new webshop with support for automatic processing.

November 2015

Hosting plans are adjusted, we introduced the new Pro plans aimed at business users “dedicated server performance for a fraction of the cost”.

March 2016

  • A new alliance is formed that allows Hostdeko to register more than 1300 domain extensions (TLD’s).
  • Redesign of the Dutch website; less is more.

Mei 2016

  • Transition from PHP 5.5.x to the newer PHP 5.6.X and PHP 7.0.X.
  • Support for new payment methods;  Ideal, Mister Cash and Bitcoin payments (we already had Bank Transfer en Paypal).


  • New Webdesigner plans that will replace our reseller plans.
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