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Only the best is good enough for your business

As a business having a reliable and fast loading website is becoming more important each day. Faster load times mean better conversions and higher google page ranks. Your customers are no longer willing to wait seconds to retrieve your pages.

At Hostdeko our Pro servers are equipped with additional CPU and RAM resources making sure there is plenty for everyone. That is how we can be faster then the competition. All plans come with the latest SSD technology and OpCaching.

Aimed at professional users our pro plans support 3 domains out of the box. They also support optional dedicated IP’s and SSL certificates.


Extremely fast web hosting


Supports 3 domains


Dedicated IP and SSL Certificate Addons


Additional cpu and ram resources per user


No file permission hassle, it just works!


99% uptime guarantee

Some of our best features

Pro servers

Pro servers are equipped with additional cpu resources and ram. Combined with the latest in SSD storage technology, your pages will load extremely fast.

Multi domain

Our Pro plans support 3 domains out of the box.

SSL Certificate

Secure your website with SSL certifcates (optional).

Larger Opcache

Pro servers have larger Opcaches meaning your entire website can be accelerated! Opcache ram caching greatly reduces pageloads for php files. Zero configuration required!

Dedicated IP

Guarantee you do not end up on email blacklists by having your own private IP (optional).

File permissions

Our properly configured servers allow you to update without running into file permission errors.


Our datacenter is CO2 neutral!

DirectAdmin and Installatron

Powerful but user friendly control panel. One-click install of WordPress, Joomla, Phpbb and hundreds of other web apps!

We offer the following Pro SSD Hosting plans

Pro large

A succes story
  • Websites: 12
  • SSD storage: 50GB
  • MySQL databases: 99
  • E-mail accounts: 99
  • Domainpointers: 80
  • SSL: Free let’s ecnrypt
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Pro Medium

Getting there
  • Websites: 8
  • SSD storage: 30GB
  • MySQL databases: 30
  • E-mail accounts: 50
  • Domainpointers: 40
  • SSL: Free let’s ecnrypt
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Pro Basic

An affordable start
  • Websites: 2
  • SSD storage: 5GB
  • MySQL databases: 3
  • E-mail accounts: 10
  • Domainpointers: 10
  • SSL: Free let’s ecnrypt
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Prices do not include VAT required for European customers.

All our plans include


Your hosting plan will run on the latest PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0!


With MySQL 5.5.x you can run forums, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so much more!

Temporary Domain

Always reach your plan on the temporary domain based on the server IP and your account name.


Create email accounts to send and receive email on your domain!

Extended Email functionality

Feel free to setup auto-response, email forwarders or mailing lists. SpamAssasin is enabled by default!


Create your own Cronjobs for automation.


Run CGI scripts on your website. (Abuse of these scripts can result in suspension of your account!)

Hostdeko Pro Servers

What we do for your speed

Most web hosting companies focus on cost. They of offer cheap, cheaper or the even the cheapest ‘unlimited’ hosting. At Hostdeko we focus on speed rather than costs! After all what is the point of having a cheap website when no one likes to visit it and your conversions are low. This is how we try to accomplish that.

Pro servers have


More cpu resources


More RAM memory


Larger OpCache


Fewer users per server and IP


High Performance SSD storage technology


How pro servers help you

Fewer users per IP can help Google rank

A +1 second page load causes:


16% lower visitor satisfaction


7% decrease in conversion rating


Drop in search engine rankings


11% fewer page views

Multi domain supported

We understand the need to have multiple domains. For example a European company usually has both .com and .eu. With Pro SSD Hosting you can add up to 3 domains to your hosting plan!

Save money

There is no need to purchase additional hosting plans for multiple domains.

Save time

Manage multiple websites from one account.

SSL Certificates supported

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology that ensures all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral. SSL does this by creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. SSL certificates are becoming essential on the internet. Privacy laws require you to protect and secure personal data and payment gateways require them to prevent fraud. That is why all SSL certificates come with a Warrenty.

Why use an SSL certificate?

Protect your clients

Protect your clients personal data by encrypting communication between their browser and the web server. This is a legal requirements in an increasing number of countries.

Protect yourself

All SSL certificates come with a warranty provided by the SSL Auhtority. This warranty covers money loss resulting from fraudulent online credit transactions related to the digital certificate. Warranties start at $10.000 and go all the way up to $1.500.000.

Improve SEO

In August 2014 Google announced it will give a ranking boost to secure sites using SSL certificates (https websites).

Optional Dedicated IP

Your Pro Hosting plan can be equipped with an optional dedicated IP. This dedicated IP will be unique for your website(s) and will not be shared by other users. Without a dedicated IP about 8% of your visitors (Windows XP) will not be able to securely use your SSL Certificate. There are other advantages such as prevention of mail IP blacklisting and increased search engine rankings (SEO).


Required for 100% SSL compatability


Avoid mail server blacklisting


Improved SEO

Green Web Hosting


We care

At Hostdeko we care about the environment. That’s why we use power efficient and CO2 neutral data centers. Their power usage effectiveness (PUE) is below 1.2, which is best in class. In addition to our environmental friendly data centers we use power saving technologies such as virtualization and SSD’s.

Our datacenters are:


100% powered by sustainable energy



C02 neutral



PUE ratio less than 1.2



ISO14001 certified



Tier 3+ rated





Installatron is a plugin on your DirectAdmin interface. It provides a ton of functionality. You can one-click install blogs, photo galleries, forms, shops and other web applications. All of these will be transferred directly from the server so you no longer have to upload thousands of files. It also allows you to manage backups and update your installations. You can even get email notifactions on important events such as avaiable updates.


One-Click installs



Backup management





File Permissions

Properly configured servers

At hostdeko we use virtualization technology that ensures the website gets accessed by your username. Therefore write permissions at the user level are sufficient. At Hostdeko you never have to worry about file permissions!

for your benefit!


No need for insecure 777 permissions



Update your CMS without permission errors



Use caching plugins without permission errors



Increased security


Why permissions matter

Every file on your hosting account has a flag that determines who can read, write and execute your files.  There are levels for user, group and everyone. Generally your website will retrieve a file through the user ‘apache’, which is the name of the server software. Unfortunately the file often is owned by your username. Now apache is neither user nor group which makes it “everyone”. Therefore the website itself is not allowed to write to a folder unless you make it writable for “everyone”.  This forces you to use insecure 777 permissions (read,write, execute for everyone) when running into issues. For example when trying to update WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS.







DirectAdmin is a powerful, but user friendly, control panel. It provides a ton of functionality, all available within a few clicks in your favorite browser. For example you can create and restore backups, use a file manager, create MySQL databases and much more.

It also provides easy email management. You can use it to setup email accounts, email forwarding, vacation messages, and autoresponders.


User friendly control panel



One-click e-mail account creation



One-click MySQL database creation



Traffic statistics



Create and restore backups


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