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 What is Reseller SSD Hosting?

Looking for quality web hosting for multiple clients or projects? With reseller hosting you can create and manage accounts from one package. Reseller hosting uses the same SSD technology as our regular hosting plans. Start saving time and money with Reseller hosting or even make money!


We will be introducing greatly improved plans very soon








Why choose Reseller Hosting?

Develop a regular income

Create an on-going source of revenue from your web hosting customers.


Your brand

Brand everything as your own including control panel, welcome emails & more.

Your plans

Create your own hosting plans. It is completely up to you how you distribute your resources!

Low maintenance

All Reseller hosting hardware and software are managed for you! We take care of the really complicated stuff. This way you get to focus on your projects or finding clients.

Long-term relationships

Are you a web designer? Hosting builds long-term relationships beyond the finished project!

Low cost domains

You can purchase domain names from us and benefit from our low prices. However, should you choose to do so, you can buy domains from any provider and simply point the DNS to your account.


Price does not include VAT tax required for EU customers.


Larger custom plans available, ask support.

Check our affordable domain pricing.


Customize welcome messages and place your logo’s.

User packages

Create hosting plans with their own limits regarding Disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, domains, email accounts, ftp accounts, etc.

Reseller features

Some of the extra functionality only available on reseller plans:



Provide users with one of your subdomains to act as a “free” domain.

User management

Create user accounts for your clients or your personal convenience. Enable or disable options like SpamAssasin, DNS Control, Suspend at limit, etc per user!

 Technical specifications


Your hosting plan will run on the latest PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0!


Create email accounts to send and receive email on your domain!


With MySQL 5.6.x you can run forums, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so much more!

Extended Email functionality

Feel free to setup auto-response, email forwarders or mailing lists. SpamAssasin is enabled by default!


Run CGI scripts on your website. (Abuse of these scripts can result in suspension of your account!)


Create your own Cronjobs for automation.

Who needs Reseller Hosting?

Designers and Developers

Working on multiple websites? Control them all from one a single hosting plan, save time, save money and make money! Offer your clients the best hosting experience with our SSD technology.

Starting hosting companies

Ambitions to make money selling web hosting? Avoid costly investments and complex software. Let us take care of that while you build your brand and client list


Anyone else!

Reseller Hosting is suitable for anyone else that has multiple websites. You save money on your hosting plan. More importantly you can give each website it’s own account but manage it with a single login!

Installatron for Resellers


Installatron is a plugin on your DirectAdmin interface. It provides a ton of functionality. Most importantly it can provide one-click install and auto-update functionality.

As a reseller you get access to the administrator level. Meaning that you can re-brand installatron and adjust it’s settings. It also allows you to update all your clients CMS’s from a single screen.


One-Click installs save time


Apply your brand!


Update all clients at once


Monetize by limiting usage per plan

DirectAdmin for Resellers

DirectAdmin is a powerful, but user friendly, control panel. It provides a ton of functionality, all available within a few clicks in your favorite browser. For example you can create and restore backups, use a file manager, create MySQL databases and much more.

As a reseller you get access to the “Reseller level” access level. This allows you to add new users, create user packages, change passwords, message all users and customize user messages. You could even use the build-in tickets system. All accounts created can be accessed without entering passwords. So save time and hassle on maintenance!

Reseller level features


Add new users


Create and manage user packages


View aggregated stats for all of your users


Overselling (only actually used resources are limited)


Login to all accounts created with a single click


Edit user welcome message

User level features


User friendly control panel


One-click e-mail account creation


One-click MySQL database creation


Traffic statistics


Create and restore backups

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