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Step 1: Choose your hosting product

Managed WordPress SSD Hosting

No idea how to install a website? With our Managed Hosting plan you do not have to worry about installation, configuration and updates. We install WordPress for you and keep it up to date!

Pro SSD Hosting

If you are a business or power user you can opt for our Pro plans. Pro are placed on Pro server that come with even more speed. They also support advanced functions such as SSL and cronjobs.

Fast SSD Hosting

For all other purposes you can use our affordable SSD Fast hosting plans which are up to 10X faster than your traditional hosting provider.


About us


Blazing fast


Green C02 neutral data center


Configured to prevent write permission errors

At Hostdeko we can be faster because all your files are placed on blazing fast SSD’s. We use the latest in SSD storage technology. If that wasn’t enough we also use plenty of RAM memory for our server. Meaning that there is a big chance your most used files can be read even faster.

Step 2: Customize your hosting plan

Customize your plan and continue to the Review & Checkout page. Scroll down and fill out all the required details.

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Enter your Promotional code at the bottom of the page and click Validate Code.

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